Author Tj Rose Releases Her Sizzling Debut Novel Titled I Should've Cheated on 3/30/15‏

Author TJ Rose will be releasing her first novel called I Should've Cheated, an African-American Urban Fiction romance book, this coming March 30; it will be available on Amazon and other mentioned locations. Check the website for complete details.

The storyline of the book is focused on romance and realistic relationship issues as it that presents relationships of three various couples, two of which are lesbians.

“I believe this book will appeal to readers of urban/African American women's fiction (romance) as well as readers of LGBT fiction (romance). The characters live out relationship issues that can arise in any type of relationship. ” says TJ Rose, the author of the novel.

The novel chronicles a “dangerous love triangle” that often results from ignoring pressing relationship issues; it also tackles the topic of same-sex relationships head on -a taboo topic in the African American community. TJ Rose also added that this page-turner will be available on several locations posted on her website.

TJ Rose is a military brat that lived in various places in her early years. She became interested in writing as a means to cope with her complicated childhood. Her first written work, drafted in 6th grade, was actually a poem that foreshadowed death.

Over time, writing has become her favorite pastime and led her to pursue freelance writing opportunities. TJ was featured as an “occasional writer” for the “Office with a View” column in Sister 2 Sister magazine. In 2015, she signed with “Royalty Publishing House,” where she will publish her debut novel.

grabbing a handful of ass, Braelyn’s hands traveled up to Kai’s shoulders and reversed their route as her nails skated along Kai’s flesh, rosy tracks evidence of their journey..”

TJ Rose is a technical and education writing expert by trade, a career which she credits with honing her skills and talent over time. She flawlessly balances a fulltime career, family, and actively volunteering. She is pursuing a “terminal degree” and remains a woman who is strongly dedicated to uplifting other women in their endeavors.


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About Author TJ Rose

TJ Rose is a new author in the African American romance genre.

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