Author the Deplorable Poet's New Book 'Sour Cream and Vinegar: When Milk and Honey Are Not Enough' is an Engaging Collection of Confessional Imagist Poems

Recent release "sour cream and vinegar: when milk and honey are not enough" from Newman Springs Publishing author the deplorable poet is an enthralling collection of poetry about and how life may not always be as pleasant as people want it to be.

The deplorable poet, a modern-day confessional imagist, with two master's degrees in criminal justice (criminology) and legal studies, currently working on his third master's degree in forensic behavioral science (victimology), has completed his new book "sour cream and vinegar: when milk and honey are not enough": a potent collection of poems that take confessionalism into an unorthodox literary marriage with imagism.

The author writes, "I consider myself a confessional imagist poet. I believe in writing in such a way that the reader forms images in their mind while the content is being displayed for them to digest. As a libertarian, I often write on controversial subjects. Often, the subjects are expressed in a way that is not politically correct. I make no apologies for this. We all have different views and beliefs, and it should be a fundamental right of everyone to be able to hold them. After reading my work, regardless of your feelings, it is my hope as a writer that the poetry that I have created will touch you in some way."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, the deplorable poet's stirring work is a series of poems about individual responsibility, the current reality of society, its various social pressures, and how life isn't always so sweet. Realism takes the threshold over idealism, which in return unmasks the fa├žade of "milk and honey," and allows the audience to accept that, at times, life is truly more like "sour cream and vinegar."

Readers who wish to experience this spellbinding work can purchase "sour cream and vinegar: when milk and honey are not enough" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

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