Author Terry Godfrey's New Audiobook 'Kaah Taak'in' is a Stirring Narrative Following an Oppressed People Whose New Peaceful Society Quickly Becomes Transformed by Sin

Recent audiobook release 'Kaah Taak'in' from Audiobook Network author Terry Godfrey follows a group of people known as the Taak'inal who find themselves on a journey to discover a safe haven from their former oppressors. Now in a new city of their own creation, generations of immorality turn this new utopia into a dangerous den of greed, threatening the peace they fought so hard to develop.

Terry Godfrey, who worked at Caddo Electric for over 42 years and whose community leadership includes helping with Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Rotary International, has completed his new audiobook "Kaah Taak'in": a thrilling tale that follows a group of people who must find refuge after escaping their homeland and tyrannical ruler.

"A large band of young adults flee from the only home they have known," writes Godfrey. "They are led by the third son of their demanding ruler. The people are pursued for a time by their ruler. Later, they are confronted by many adversaries. The Taak'inal, as they call themselves, must walk for over a year before they find a location to build their new home. Upon this path, they face not only many enemies but also harsh weather and elements they had never before encountered.

"Along the way, the Taak'inal learned to work together in harmony and enjoy what they have. The leader Erdrich, the son of the old ruler, grows into a trusted and loved ruler. He puts the needs and comforts of his people before his own desires.

"Once they arrive at the location on the plains, they build a great city. Again, they must face enemies as they complete the construction of a city lined with gold. Together they are strong and content with their lives.

"As the people that had left their homes from tyranny grow old and die, the younger generation takes over. Within a couple generations, the happiness and harmony is replaced with greed, immorality, and laziness. This leads to the total downfall of the civilization and eventually the total collapse of the once great city their forefathers had created."

Terry Godfrey's new audiobook is a thought-provoking exploration of the ravages of greed and how it can quickly erode the foundation of a healthy and harmonious society. Full of unique characters and a fully realized world, "Kaah Taak'in" is an unforgettable tale that is sure to remain with listeners long after its powerful conclusion.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Kaah Taak'in" by Terry Godfrey through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

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