Author Stephen A. Ibeh's New Audiobook 'North and South Gate: A Tale of Two Voices' is an Exciting Story on 2 Voices That Unearth Each Man's Final Destination

Recent audiobook release "North and South Gate: A Tale of Two Voices" from Audiobook Network author Stephen A. Ibeh is an evocative story about the voice of God, the Northerner, spoken to a righteous man who traverses the wilderness to Heaven and the voice of the Grey Wolf that aims to lead a lost man into eternal damnation.

Stephen A Ibeh, a Nigerian-born writer and poet, has completed his new audiobook "North and South Gate: A Tale of Two Voices": a spellbinding work about the contrasting voices of God and the one who leads unbelievers far away from the Father.

Author Stephen A. Ibeh writes, "I came to Him just as I was; helpless. He saved me but now with my own ability I was more determined to do the work; relying on my own strength. As I felt more zealous than before, the urge to do something for Him. After all, He has snatched me from damnation, the evil path of the south and placed me on the northern path that leads to life. I strived for His benefits, searching for His hand of blessings, unlearned and feeling more agitated as His dealings were more complicated than I thought.

"He saw my motives and reasons, I saw His hand and only His provisions. He saw my feebleness, I saw Him only as a way to get by, He saw my heart.

"Is not to him that willeth, not to the swift my child, He whispered. Then again I offered my self-motivation."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Stephen A Ibeh's new audiobook is a captivating work about two men who have crossed the marginalized boundaries of lust, freed, malice, envy, and sloth—the former heads north after changing routes, while the later continues his journey of heading south—and encounters different voices.

This riveting tale told with soulful narration is inspired by Matthew 7:13. Ibeh's powerful work is also compiled with psalms, prophecies, and short stories.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "North and South Gate: A Tale of Two Voices" by Stephen A Ibeh through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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