Author Stands Against Unnecessary Medical Births

Author Sonia Killik announces the release of Birth: f*ck yeah! The anticipated book debunks the myths surrounding modern childbirth and seeks to provide the information that doctors are unwilling to. In this highly entertaining, informative and illustrated book, Sonia uses her humour and wit to uncover the truth about medicated births and the impact it has on both mother and child.

Sonia is a Metaphysician, Life Coach, mother and passionate advocate for normal childbirth. She pulls no punches in this immensely readable and comprehensive book. It is both a searing indictment of the medical profession and a detailed and inspiring guide to not merely surviving, but thriving on the challenges of childbirth.

Birth: f*ck yeah! Is available at Amazon global as well as via print-on-demand.

“5 stars! An absolute must read for every woman and her birth partner preparing for birth. I am a firm believer in knowledge is power, and this book is so empowering! Killik covers every aspect of childbirth, looking at it from many different angles and returning to history and how the way we used to birth has changed so drastically. The author has a wonderful way of likening birth events and choices to everyday situations we are familiar with, making it almost impossible for this book not to open your mind. Her book is extremely well laid out and well written.

The author speaks right to you and keeps you hanging on every word, wanting more knowledge, more information, and more empowerment. We need more honest, real, well-researched books you can relate to on birth like this one.”

Dr. Dani Nelson / Pediatric Chiropractor and Mother

About Sonia Killik Author

Sonia Killik is a metaphysician and author. She has been a sought after contributor in the areas of global sustainability & personal empowerment. Her first book Birth: F**k yeah! aims to address the global issues surrounding modern childbirth.

Sonia Killik Author
Johannesburg, Gauteng