Author Michelle Cuce's New Book 'You Can Come Home Again' is a Heartwarming Tale With a Poignant Message That Family is Accepting and Forgiving and Love Prevails

Recent release "You Can Come Home Again" from Hawes and Jenkins Publishing author Michelle Cuce is a captivating story of a man who abandoned the small town he grew up in for big city living until he unwillingly must return. When secrets he held close are unveiled and a fellow homegrown offers him a new perspective, Hunter sees that everyone has demons, and he learns to get out of his own way.

Michelle Cuce, a Disney College Program Alumni and first-time author, has completed her new book "You Can Come Home Again": a compelling tale that shows the acceptance and understanding of family and the steadfast determination of love.

"I wrote this in the dark, early days of the pandemic," Cuce says of her novel, "when the world looked hopeless, and hate lurked around every corner. I needed an escape, and this story became my catharsis. I wanted to lose myself in a story that was light and reassuring, so I wrote one."

Published by Hawes and Jenkins Publishing, Michelle Cuce's heartwarming tale contains a poignant message of family support, battling for control over mental health, and that showing love and letting yourself be loved can heal.

When his quaint, small town life became stifling and suffocating, Hunter Davis left his family and friends behind for the bright lights of New York City. With a new ability to spread his wings, Hunter found success in the business of fine arts and high society schmoozing. After years of successfully avoiding the seaside residence, Hunter is called upon to pitch in at the family business when his father is injured. Wishing he was anywhere but back in the simplicity of a fishermen's town; Hunter is forced to face his past mistakes and work through his crippling anxiety that continues to rear its head. As he mends the relationships he abandoned, Hunter meets a fellow homegrown with a new perspective, whose goal is to change Hunter's outlook on his hometown and slowly puts his broken pieces back together.

Readers who wish to experience this enchanting work can purchase "You Can Come Home Again" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Hawes & Jenkins at 888-430-7450.

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