Author Michael S. Haro's New Book "Make Yourself Great Again" is a Self-Help Book That Will Help Readers Get Back on Their Courses to Greatness.

Recent release "Make Yourself Great Again" from Newman Springs Publishing author Michael S. Haro is a helpful tool for people who are wanting to conquer self-doubt and regain the confidence to reach their full potential.

Michael S. Haro PH. D., has completed his new book “Make Yourself Great Again”: a comprehensive look into the ways that individuals can take more firm control of their lives. This book explores the numerous factors that make a person who they are and breaks down methods to overcome the curveballs of life.

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Michael S. Haro’s advantageous guide contains methods for self-training and identification of less-desirable thoughts and feelings.

By helping to hone in on the missteps that people take, this book provides tools to the reader that promote a fuller, healthier life. Haro’s book encourages a higher grade of mental and emotional vigor. Readers looking to change the trajectory of their lives for the better should add this volume to their arsenal.

Personality traits are developed individually through behavior that is exhibited over and over again. Adjustments are personal because they contribute to a person’s abilities to be productive and successful. Personal development begins a journey fraught with disappointment and elation, failure and success, hurt and satisfaction. With proper guidance, this journey can be one of integrity, dignity, pride, and accomplishment.

Life’s journey is a person’s “first wonder of the world.” Wondering what tomorrow may bring, wondering if success will result, and wondering on which path is correct. A need to be strong, wise, and in control guides a person through suggestions, ideas, and experiences. An individual may stumble and fall, but faith and belief encourages them, provides them the strength to get up, and moves them to continue. Determination and drive erase “wondering if,” and guides a person over the finish line. These are learned skills, and this book provides suggestions for

making these things happen.

Readers who wish to experience this inspirational work can purchase “Make Yourself Great Again” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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