Author Mark Joseph Mongilutz Releases His First Work of Historical Fiction

Both a master of arts and a skilled storyteller, Mark Joseph Mongilutz shrewdly interweaves fact and fiction in his tale of rogue swordsmen, wandering sailors, traveling samurai, and power-hungry lords. Whether you are drawn to the seafaring days of old or simply connect with swashbuckling yarns, Mongilutz has provided a tale you'll savor from first page to last.

Mark Joseph Mongilutz is a lifelong student of history, with both a B.A. and an M.A. in the subject, and is also a military veteran and close follower of media, politics, and foreign affairs. In his narrative fiction, Mongilutz channels his passions, his knowledge, and his storytelling penchant into a work as broad in scope as it is deep in detail. Journey carries the reader from the shores of Western Europe to the islands of Japan via a magnificent vessel of enormous historical significance and size. Along the way, readers are treated to carefully articulated descriptions of 16th century life at sea, along with glimpses into monastic education of the era and a thoughtful look at Japanese geopolitics. Rife with danger, adventure, mystery, and driven by a violent quest for truth, Journey demands a close engagement with every written word and the rapid turning of every page.

Source: Author, Mark Joseph Mongulitz


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About Mark Joseph Mongilutz

Mark Joseph Mongilutz, veteran of US Armed Forces earned a master of arts in military history. In his work, Mongilutz demonstrates his precise knowledge of history with allusions to real-life events and historical figures.