Author Marion Wright Jr., MD's new Audiobook 'The Suppression of Depression' is a wholesome account that addresses the stigma that exists when it comes to depression

Recent audiobook release "The Suppression of Depression: Addressing the Stigma of Depression Among Christians" from Audiobook Network author Marion Wright Jr., MD, is a wholesome narrative that dispels a myth about depression and allows listeners to understand the common condition.

Marion Wright Jr., MD, an avid proponent of mental health awareness, especially among Christians, has completed his new audiobook "The Suppression of Depression: Addressing the Stigma of Depression Among Christians": an engaging book written to provide a lesson to listeners about the truth of depression as a legitimate, identifiable, and treatable condition.

Author Marion Wright Jr., MD, has spoken about this subject in multiple settings, including churches and various church-related events. He is now the Pastor at the church that was founded by his parents. 

Wright writes, "Some Christians experience a degree of internal conflict when it comes to seeking help for medical issues. On one hand, they believe in God for their healing. On the other, they acknowledge that they are dealing with symptoms and conditions that could be treated by medical professionals. The challenge then becomes reconciling their faith with their efforts to be well and healthy."

He continues, "From my observations, there have been great strides in Christian thinking regarding seeking help for physical health problems. However, this does not seem to be the case when it comes to mental health issues including depression. From my professional experiences as a psychiatrist and in my walk as a Christian, I have observed what appears to be a stigma when it comes to depression. Some Christians may believe that they should never be depressed, and if they are, it indicates some failure of their faith or weakness thereof. Some feel embarrassed about having depression and, therefore, are reluctant to seek help for it, if they do at all. They may feel that the very act of seeking professional help also indicates weakness in their faith. Therefore, they resolve to deal with depression strictly by spiritual means e.g. prayer and Bible reading."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Marion Wright Jr., MD's new audiobook shares the experiences of a psychiatrist who has evaluated and treated many patients with depressive disorders. 

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "The Suppression of Depression: Addressing the Stigma of Depression Among Christians" by Marion Wright Jr., MD, through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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