Author M.E. Grant's New Audiobook 'The Gospel of Elohim' is a Powerful Examination of What is Necessary for One to Develop a Deep and Personal Relationship With God

Recent audiobook release "The Gospel of Elohim" from Audiobook Network author M.E. Grant tells the incredible story of the author's close relationship with God and the fascinating revelations discovered throughout his life. By sharing his story, Grant shows how listeners too can create a thriving and intimate relationship with God in their everyday lives.

M.E. Grant, who has been teaching the Bible since the age of eight and holds a BSBA in business, has completed his new audiobook "The Gospel of Elohim": a moving and thought-provoking journey through the author's life and how God spoke truths to him to share with the world.

"'The Gospel of Elohim' is for anyone who wants to have a personal relationship with the God of heaven and earth," writes Grant. "Yes, a personal relationship with God. For if you are one of those believers like me who wants to have a personal relationship with God, this book is for you. For 'The Gospel of Elohim' is a brief synopsis of my life starting at the young age of five when God first spoke to me and expanding into manhood through the age of sixties and how He led me not to find a religion but to know and have a personal relationship with God, the Creator of heaven and earth, whom I finally got to know as Elohim, and to understand the devil who wants to rob us of our true inheritance from Elohim."

Published by Audiobook Network, author M.E. Grant's new audiobook is a riveting look at how God has shaped the author's life, and how He can do so for listeners who approach God with an open mind, heart, and soul. Delving into all that he has learned through God's wisdom, Grant shares his story with the aim of creating a discussion around finding God in all aspects of life and creating a personal connection with Him.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "The Gospel of Elohim" by M.E. Grant through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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