Author LG's new Audiobook 'The United States of America: My Home' is a thought-provoking look at how the negativity of modern society is hurting the American way of life

Recent audiobook release "The United States of America: My Home" from Audiobook Network author LG explores how the societal landscape of America has changed and continues to cause destruction and unhappiness in people. Despite this, LG hopes to shine a light on how the nation can change its course to love and create a more harmonious community.

LG has completed their new audiobook "The United States of America: My Home": an eye-opening look at the evils currently affecting America and the world at large, creating a chaotic and toxic community of lies, disease, and anger.

"I already know that many of you will say that I have lost my mind and that I am out of touch with reality and our world," writes LG. "We have come too far and have evolved. But I'm going to turn that around and tell you that it is the world that is out of touch with reality.

"Today's world can be described as full of hatred, anger, chaos, disrespect for self and others, scams, lies, money-hungry people, anxiety, stress, sicknesses, and illnesses that have never before been seen, panic attacks, acid reflux, cancer, uncaring attitudes, and so much more. All these things are negative. I cannot say it as a blanket statement because there are many people who do not fit into this description. There are, however, too many people who do fit this description. We see it in politicians, government officials, corporate America, our drug industry, the movie and television industry, and unfortunately, in many of our citizens.

"I truly believe that we need to get back to the basics of love, kindness, respect of self and others, purity, happiness, joy, and peace. We need to put the time and effort into living life with integrity, honesty, and caring."

Published by Audiobook Network, author LG's new audiobook creates an illuminating atmosphere that not only shines a light on American society's uglier issues, but also shares ways in which people can work towards a more peaceful future. Through LG's writings, listeners will find what a life of positivity and kindness can do for not only themselves but for their neighbors as well.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "The United States of America: My Home" by LG through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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