Author Lana Lindemann's New Book 'Lying With the Devil' is the Story of a Young Woman Caught in the Wrong Place and Time by a Brutal Killer Turned Captor.

Recent release "Lying with The Devil" from Newman Springs Publishing author Lana Lindemann is a gripping tale of the struggle for survival in tandem with another kind of panic as the missing young woman's brother seeks her out.

Lana Lindemann, a Nebraskan wife and mother of two, has completed her new book “Lying with The Devil”: a depiction of the grim fate of the main character, Mary. Her brother, Kole, races the clock to find her.

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Lana Lindemann’s searing tale leaves the skin of the reader crawling and panic thumping with each turn of the page. Mary is your typical student, your typical homebody. She doesn’t know what to do with her life and doesn’t expect much out of the days to follow until things suddenly change for her. A serial killer is on the loose and kidnaps her off the streets with the intent of ending her life. But then his plans change. Instead, he keeps her like a pet, chained up in his apartment.

Abuse follows as well as the manipulative games he plays. He toys with her, slowly diminishing the hope she has at being found and at being saved, while his own feelings of what seem to be love begin to blossom for her. All while he battles his own urges—it’s them or us.

Kole, Mary’s brother, searches for her with the help of Steven and Carl, two detectives frantically running into dead ends with what little clues this killer leaves behind.  Captive to a cold-blooded, disingenuous man with no regard for human life, Stockholm syndrome begins to set in.

What will become of Mary? Kole scrapes at every detail to figure out the whereabouts of his sister. Will he find her in time?

Readers who wish to experience this chilling work can purchase “Lying with The Devil” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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