Author Kerry Young's New Audiobook 'Heatshield Inventor' is an Absorbing True Story of an Influential, Pioneering Inventor Who Made Space Travel Feasible

Recent audiobook release "Heatshield Inventor" from Audiobook Network author Kerry Young corrects the common misconception of who truly invented one of the most influential devices of space exploration.

Kerry Young, a retired Navy helicopter pilot, has completed his new audiobook "Heatshield Inventor": a gripping and potent historical account of his father's life work.

When asked to describe his book, Young stated, "It is the true story of how a powerful government entity, NASA, can steal an inventor's idea, claim it for themselves and ignore the real inventor. Titled, prominent research scientists are supposed to find these re-entry answers, not an unheard of potato peeler inventor. The Young family endured unimaginable hardships as a result of these NASA officials claiming what they could not discover. This book applies to any large organization that needs to defend itself from anyone who may accomplish what they are funded and tasked to perform, but can't."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Kerry Young's new audiobook is a poignant tale that sets the record straight with respect to a landmark invention, the heatshield. Without such an innovation, manned flight to space would be impossible.

In the late 1950s, NASA and the Department of Defense had a problem: They could not figure out how to make a heatshield for manned spacecraft or ICBMs. The Air Force used heat-sink metals, especially copper, and the Navy, on Polaris, used a beryllium heat-sink shield. The Space Task Group, in March 1958, were leaning toward the heat-sink method. The Huntsville, Alabama, museum for the tested nosecones all show pointed, refractory types.

Dr. Nininger, a renowned meteoriticist, revealed to NASA's Julian Allen that meteors that land successfully are blunt and pitted. Allen claimed this discovery as his own. Then, an unknown potato peeler inventor, Everett Young, disclosed his patented invention for manned re-entry to Earth. It used a sandwiched cellular construction with permeable substrate, differential ablation, and a vacuum gap. NASA copied Young's ideas and used them on Gemini, Apollo, and Orion spacecraft heatshields. Young's family suffered severely as a result of NASA's disregard for the real heatshield inventor and the job promised to him.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Heatshield Inventor" by Kerry Young through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon.

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