Author Joan Breibart Releases New Book 'Suckered Into Fatness' to Discuss Wellness and Health

A new 76-page expose on the U.S. obesity epidemic is speaking bluntly on the uncomfortable realities and roots of America's weight problem. In "Suckered Into Fatness," author Joan Breibart explains why the Wellness World of diet and exercise, nutrition and fitness and their intertwined economics are not well, and why the 10-year Congressional debate on health insurance was fruitless: The Health Insurance industry can't cover a population where 50% (not 25%) have pre-existing conditions.

In this collection of essays, Breibart writes as the person who predicted today's obesity epidemic way back in 1976, when everyone thought she was nuts. She also forecasted three years ago that "Wellness" would be exposed as a front to hide our collective neurosis. Not surprisingly, this collection was published the week well-known journalist Amy Larocca's acclaimed New York Magazine article, "How Wellness Became An Epidemic," went viral.

A small sampling of the book's introduction will leave the reader unable to stop until all 32 articles have been gobbled up. Almost no one has heard Breibart's take on the subject — it's all too un-PC — but no one can fail to benefit from a point of view that has been stifled, but should have been heard decades ago. Breibart writes that obesity and the election of Donald Trump are linked as symptoms of a deeper malaise that America needs to address.

"This provides interesting insight into the growing obesity epidemic plaguing America today. It gives a much-needed glimpse into some of the issues at the foundation of this problem, but also the dismal trajectory if these challenges continue to be ignored. I very much appreciate the simple and direct nature of the author's insight within these brief essays. If offers a fresh perspective on an issue that has been watered down by decades of misinformation." - Breige O'Donnell-Smith, M.D.

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Source: Joan Breibart

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