Author Jerry Tallo's New Audiobook 'The Gatekeeper: What God Created the Man to Be' Provides a Deep Examination Into What is Expected of Men in a Biblical Worldview

Recent audiobook release "The Gatekeeper: What God Created the Man to Be" from Audiobook Network author Jerry Tallo discusses the importance of understanding the role of men in Scripture and the world. By examining passages within the Bible, Tallo dives into the mystery of man's purpose in protecting those he loves and how to become a guardian and gatekeeper for them.

Jerry Tallo, who holds a PhD in church history and served as a lead pastor for about three decades, has completed his new audiobook "The Gatekeeper: What God Created the Man to Be": an insightful exploration of a man's role in all aspects of his life.

"Today's culture is in a virtual civil war over this question: what is truth?" writes Tallo. "Here is the problem for a man. If he marries and has children, who teaches his children what Pontius Pilate wanted to know...what is truth? Is it the health teacher at school, the youth leader, the guidance counselor? Listen, friends, if dad waits that long for his young ones to be taught the truth, they already have their views on it pretty established. Why do you think Sesame Street was so popular and so are endless children's stories and games? Because they aren't just virtual babysitters—they're truth-tellers (from their perspective, of course). Public broadcasting is actually a genius idea, because the programmers can produce pure humanism in cute cartoon form, and no one can stop them—it's free state-run mentoring in the form of entertainment without the hassle of accountability to private sponsorship.

"Anyway, truth today is virtually based upon opinion, which is derived from both experience and the influence of louder sources. I've lost count of the Christians that have said, 'I feel this is what the Lord is trying to tell us in these Scripture verses,' to which I want to respond, 'Who cares how you feel about it? Is that what the text actually says?' Here's another thought often vocalized: 'I just can't believe a loving God would allow something like that to happen'; not, 'Based upon what I have studied in the Scriptures in [insert verse], I have discovered that man actually has a greater responsibility for his actions, and their impact on the generations that follow, than I initially thought.'

"The former example above is emotional thinking, while the latter is an objective thought process. One is based upon opinion and stimuli, while the other finds it basis solely in the Scriptures. Which will it be for you?"

Published by Audiobook Network, author Jerry Tallo's new audiobook provides the necessary tools for building a worldview based around God's holy word. Tallo uses his expertise in Scripture to create a compelling dialogue surrounding what is expected of all of God's children.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "The Gatekeeper: What God Created the Man to Be" by Jerry Tallo through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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