Author Irene Price's New Audiobook 'When Blossoms Blow in the Breeze' is a Historical Romance Novel That Explores a Passionate Love That Can Stand the Test of Time

Recent audiobook release "When Blossoms Blow in the Breeze" from Audiobook Network author Irene Price is a compelling work of historical fiction that follows a steamy romance that takes place between two people trying to survive during the Civil War, presenting an unprecedented challenge to the two lovers.

Irene Price, who is a gifted musician, mom, grandma, widow, and lover of nature, has completed her new audiobook "When Blossoms Blow in the Breeze": a captivating historical romance novel that tells the story of a romance that must overcome incredibly difficult circumstances.

Author Irene Price writes, "Lily Cray's parents had moved in with them due to the scarcity of money and food. The house was crowded with two extra people, but no one had complained. Everyone pitched in to help, from young Lizzie to her elderly grandparents. Her baby brother Charlie was too young to help. If the Cray family felt rich, it was due to the love shared between Lizzie; her mother, Lily; her father, Isaac; little Charlie; and her grandparents. Yes, it was crowded in the two-bedroom house. While Charlie slept in his parents' room, Lizzie had given up her bedroom. She now slept in the living room, but she didn't complain. She was happy that she was able to see her grandparents all the time, especially her nanny whom she learned a lot from. The family might have been classified as poor, but they felt wealthy. That's what happened with close-knit families. They knew they were blessed. So many people had already starved to death the past two years without the help of a family."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Irene Price's new audiobook showcases the beauty of not only romantic love but also the love that exists among friends and families, as well as God's love for mankind.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "When Blossoms Blow in the Breeze" by Irene Price through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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