Author Gary Richardson's New Book 'The Ascension Legacy Book 3: A Hidden King Found' is the Latest Installment in a Thrilling Fantasy Epic Saga

Recent release "The Ascension Legacy Book 3: A Hidden King Found" from Newman Springs Publishing author Gary Richardson is the continuation of the story of Riorik, the elf, and his quest to bring honor back to his family name.

Gary Richardson, who dedicates this book to Crystal and their boys, has completed his new book "The Ascension Legacy Book 3: A Hidden King Found": an electrifying continuation of his high-fantasy quest series. 

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Richardson's thrilling story takes readers along on a quest for truth, justice, and redemption with Riorik, a young elf whose vow to restore his family's honor set him on a quest that continues to unravel the truth of his family and so much more. 

In "Book 1: The Shamed Ranger", Riorik's father is accused of murder, and Riorick promises to prove his father's innocence. Riorik discovers an ancient legend might be connected to his father's circumstances and sets off with his friends in the search for the truth.

The events of "Book 2: A Legend Confirmed" find Riorik and Nordahs, along with their human friend, Hugh abandoning their positions in the Rishdel Rangers' Guild to continue their hunt for Riorik's missing father. New friends, new foes, and new information await as the three friends continue their adventurous search.

The adventurers' quest picks up in "Book 3: A Hidden King Found" after their fight at the shrine, as Riorik and his friends press on with their search for the legendary Ascension Armor. With their wounds slowing them down and their food supply running low, the party must choose between their lives and their quest. Meanwhile, the unseen king's troops prepare to strike.

Readers who wish to experience this epic journey can purchase "The Ascension Legacy Book 3: A Hidden King Found" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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