Author Fr. Leonard Tumaini Chuwa, PhD's New Audiobook 'Bioethical False Truths' is an Analysis of Autonomy as It Relates to Individualism and the Common Good

Recent audiobook release "Bioethical False Truths: Egoistic and Relativistic Autonomy vs. Christian and Ubuntu Relational Autonomy" from Audiobook Network author Fr. Leonard Tumaini Chuwa, PhD, is an academic approach to better understanding the concept of autonomy, and how it corresponds to egocentric individualism, relationships with other beings, and bioethics.

Fr. Leonard Tumaini Chuwa, PhD, a Catholic priest and bioethicist, and an NACC-certified chaplain who holds two bachelor of arts degrees in philosophy and theology, an MA degree in theology, and a PhD degree in bioethics and healthcare ethics from Duquesne University, has completed his new audiobook "Bioethical False Truths: Egoistic and Relativistic Autonomy vs. Christian and Ubuntu Relational Autonomy": a thought-provoking discussion on the ways in which one must think critically about the concept of autonomy versus the greater common good of relationships between beings.

"Autonomy is either relational or it does not exist at all," writes Fr. Chuwa. "Absolute individualism is a mental construct abstracted from an irreducibly relational biosphere. Human life finds itself in, and is realized by, relationships with other beings. This book gazes on the fact that individualism is irredeemably contingent on relationality. Significant as self-consciousness is, consciousness of the other as a fellow self is a higher consciousness. It is the consciousness of the other selves that is the basis of ethics and morality. Common Good cannot be ethically superseded by individual good. Individual good that is incongruous to Common Good is ethically absurd. However, popular understanding of autonomy has become increasingly unrealistic as it tends toward extreme egotistic and relativistic individualism. There is need for veracity in ethics."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Fr. Leonard Tumaini Chuwa, PhD's new audiobook dares listeners to weigh the values of the rights of an individual versus the unity of society and the relational way in which one is connected to the many. Drawing from his previous experiences, Fr. Chuwa provides a compelling dialogue for listeners to engage with and create their own informed conclusions.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Bioethical False Truths: Egoistic and Relativistic Autonomy vs. Christian and Ubuntu Relational Autonomy" by Fr. Leonard Tumaini Chuwa, PhD, through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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