Author Dr. Sharon L. Burton Releases New Title, "Transitioning to I Can From I Can't" to Bring Positive Change in the Lives of Readers

 Transitioning to I Can from I Can’t is Dr. Sharon L. Burton’s third seminal book, yet stands in a line of academic published works.  Transition and change are seamlessly merged in the 232 pages of text. 

Dr. Burton, creates with a sound voice, positive transitions and changes across diverse walks of life, traversing all genres, and amid a host of age ranges.  A remarkable sensory collection of thought provoking information, soul stirring views, and journey filled testaments of learning to see and be that which you desire.  This book details how you can be what you can see as it provides the avenue to transition to a positive place of I can from that narrow hall of I can’t. 

This work serves as a revelation that people have spoken in addition to unspoken challenges that they may or may not recognize that need to be changed.  The salient point of this book is that it provides a well-documented avenue to transition and then change habits, thoughts, and ideals. 

A portion of all sales will be donated to diabetes research.  The book, Transitioning to I Can from I Can’t, is also available on

Transitioning to I Can from I Can’t

  • Available:                  June 7, 2016
  • Price:                         $21.95
  • Publisher:                 Lulu Press
  • ISBN:                          978-1-365-08425-6

About Dr. Sharon L. Burton

Dr. Sharon L. Burton is a graduate of National Graduate School of Quality Management, American InterContinental University, and The Florida State University.  Currently Dr. Burton is a management and leadership consultant serving as a Chief Learning and Compliance Officer.  Also she is a quality systems management driven, organizational development, learning & change management professional, strategist, speaker, and author.  She was featured in the January 2015 American Society of Quality (ASQ) journal, Quality Press, for the featured article Building Blocks.

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Contact Information:

Contact:                    Dr. Sharon L. Burton
Phone:                       302-661-1852

Source: Dr. Sharon L. Burton

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