Author Darrell Max Craig's New Book 'The Tessen Samurai' is an Engrossing Novel That Leads Readers Back to Japan at the Beginning of the Meiji Era (1868-1911)

Recent release 'The Tessen Samurai' from Newman Springs Publishing author Darrell Max Craig is a captivating work of fiction that showcases adventure, love, crime, and murder in Japan in the late 19th century.

Darrell Max Craig, who operated a traditional Japanese martial arts school in Texas for 49 years, has completed his new book "The Tessen Samurai": a compelling novel that follows a rogue samurai by the name of Yamanouchi-Oka-son, whose only weapons are a tessen (iron fan) and a sokubaku (small chain). He is hired by the Japanese Special Operation Affairs. Oka-San, being a ronin, takes on the job of rescuing a beautiful female Special Operations spy from the yakuza (Japanese gangsters).

During their escape down the Tokaido Road, with its 50 inspection stations, the woman is kidnapped from him. She is replaced by another beautiful woman. This replacement turns out to be a ninja. She falls madly in love with Oka-San and saves his life more than once.

Author Darrell Max Craig began his training and studies while in the U.S. Marine Corp when stationed in Japan. Among other ranks, he holds seventh Dan in kendo. He was a member of Team USA in 1985 at the Sixth World Kendo Championships in Paris, France. In 1979, he was bestowed the title of Hatamoto by an old samurai family. He is a successful author. Among his many books is the widely praised "Tsuba Ken Samurai." He is now retired and spends his time writing as he reflects on his adventures and experiences.

Author Darrell Max Craig writes, "By January of 1869, Emperor Meiji had restored legal power and ended the Tokugawa Shogunate reign. In that same year, he moved his residence from Kyoto to Edo Castle in Edo, changing the city's name to Tokyo. Edo Castle became the new imperial palace. Not long after Emperor Meiji sat on the throne, he abolished the han system, replacing it with a prefectural system. Then he imposed a land tax reform. The year was now 1872, and this is where our story begins, in the office of the Tokyo Prefectural Police Headquarters/Community Management Affairs Division. A young sergeant was knocking on the door of Inspector Kenji Tota-San's office."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Darrell Max Craig's action-packed tale follows the numerous twists and turns in the team's assignment with the Japanese government. 

Readers who wish to experience this exciting work can purchase "The Tessen Samurai" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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