Author Christian Shreve Wants Teddy Atlas for Boxing Czar

Christian Shreve, the author of Money Boxing, has released an article that entices boxing fans to create a boxing czar.

Christian Shreve states in an article on that a cry by boxing fans for a national boxing commission has been around for a long time and that someone needs to do something about it sooner rather than later. He sites examples of corruption and general bad behavior in the boxing world.

"Boxing has refused to mend its ways, and states like Texas are seen as mere conveyers of local fighters to decision wins. Several years ago the biggest events of the year was not marked by a fighter or event, but by officiating as corrupted as the NBA." Says Shreve

Christian Shreve claims that the best person for this job is Teddy Atlas because of his vast knowledge of the sport and his fearless outspoken opinion as well as his incorruptible value system. Shreve states in his article, "I believe the first step is to put a person in charge of arranging the business of the business of this business."

This is one of several articles by Christian Shreve that address boxing corruption and what can be done about it. This article concludes with a call to action. "I am asking you to second my nomination for Teddy Atlas as boxing czar. It is time to get this grassroots movement moving." Shreve states.

Christian Shreve is the author of MoneyBoxing, which is a training manual for touts, handicappers & sports investors (available on and

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