Author Arthur Cofresi's new Audiobook 'Amazon Nights' is a masterful work about the lives of warrior women, their culture, and their will to exist

Recent audiobook release "Amazon Nights" from Audiobook Network author Arthur Cofresi is a love story that blends Greek Mythology, human desire, freedom, and the romantic nature of mortal and immortal souls.

Arthur Cofresi, a retired firefighter from Northern California and a passionate author with a fascination with Greek lore, has completed his new audiobook "Amazon Nights": an avant-garde narrative about Amazon women and the pressure of begetting an heir through scandalous means. 

Author Arthur Cofresi presents the longstanding dilemma of a male-versus-female supremacy that shaped the world since ancient times: "Enraged at the sight, Queen Penthesilea charged unprotected and lashed out at him with her sword while I and the others held back the Greek line that was attempting to close ranks. Achilles fended himself from her blows with a javelin held in one hand until opportunity provided avenue to her mount. He slew her mount with a single thrust of his spear into its chest, bringing the beast to its knees before sending its soul to Hades. The maneuver sent Queen Penthesilea flying, and before she could recover, Achilles fell upon her. Valiantly, the vanguard strove to reach her but fell one by one in their tracks as the Greek warriors lashed out in a surge of fury never before witnessed on the battlefield."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Arthur Cofresi's new audiobook is the culmination of epic deeds by the heroes and heroines of old, as well as the meddling of supreme forces in human lives that affect emotions and thoughts that push them to face their desires and destiny.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Amazon Nights" by Arthur Cofresi through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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