Author and Futurist on Recent News of Sea Ice Break Up: 'Move to Higher Ground'

Flooding of coastal-margins by polar ice meltdown will displace 5 billion refugees, says author Noel Hodson.

The recent "scary" news from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute is that the Arctic's oldest sea-ice is breaking up, as President Trump is scrapping limits on CO2 emissions. Oxford-based activist Noel Hodson, long concerned at governments' lack of preparation for global-warming has now written two novels based on real facts. The author hopes that grass-roots democracy will oblige politicians to take effective counter measures. Hodson calculated in 1992 that if all the polar ice melts, seas will rise 300 feet, creating 5 billion refugees. The polar ice is melting far faster than the IPCC forecasts.

Out of the Depths, a Dystopian novel centered on heroine 20-year-old Alice Whitaker, details how ordinary families in London, New York and globally will experience sea level rise as polar meltdown overcomes flood defenses and washes through cities, industries and farms.

His Utopian novel, AD2516-After Global Warming, looks 500 years ahead to what life will be like, using "history" lessons to spell out the consequences of polar meltdown. The novel's three heroes are accidentally frozen in polar ice in 2018 then thawed to live in the brave new world of 2516.

Hodson prepared this calculation when invited to speak on his book, Teleworking Explained (Wiley & Sons) for a 1992 traffic-reduction conference in New Zealand:

The oceans have a surface area of 335 million square kilometres. Antarctica has an area of 13.8 million square kilometres, which is 98% covered in ice, with a depth of up to 5 kilometres. Greenland, in the Arctic, has an area of 2.2 million square kilometres, with an ice cap of up to 2.6 kilometres. Should both the Antarctic and Arctic land-based ice caps melt, the sea-level would rise 113 metres, or 370 feet. Eighty percent of all the people in the world live below 300 feet, on the coastal margins. Greater London is all below 300 feet. Florida’s east coast urban areas are below 30 feet. Manhattan Island rises just 36 feet above the ocean. The infamous settlement of Monmouth Junction in New Jersey is built at 135 feet above sea level. The centre of Oxford, England is 200 feet above sea level.

"As the world is suffering the hottest temperatures and most destructive wildfires on record, the time for global action is now," says Hodson.

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