Author Aaron L. Carter's New Audiobook 'Boyhood Adventures: Second Edition' Is a Historical Fiction Tale About a Brave Group of Boys Exploring Haunted Parts of Arkansas

Recent audiobook release "Boyhood Adventures: Second Edition" from Audiobook Network author Aaron L. Carter is a chilling tale set in 1953 about a group of three eight-year-old boys that live in Texarkana, Arkansas. To relieve their boredom, the boys decide to explore haunted places, such as the local cemetery, an abandoned mental institution, and a haunted mansion.

Aaron L. Carter, a previously published author, has completed his new audiobook "Boyhood Adventures: Second Edition": a thrilling and potent work of historical fiction based on the author's childhood experiences with his two best friends. It is a coming-of-age tale filled with outrageous and spooky escapades.

"There were two barbers in my neighborhood who could easily be enticed to share stories about paranormal activity in the abandoned asylum. Those rumors served as magnets for the attention of Dennis, Frank, and me. It was within the walls and in the halls of this dark and foreboding edifice that we were confronted by a specter from the world of spirits," Aaron writes.

Aaron continues, "At the risk of offending my beloved city-folk readers, I must fortify my foundation of reality: urban values differ from those embraced by countryfolk. Deny it all you like, but city dwellers tend to discount any possibility of eight-year-old boys engaging in nocturnal exploits, even in the '50s. Truly, it was a different time, a different culture, and a different society. In my day, parents didn't worry about their boys playing outside at night beyond direct parental supervision, especially if we had a good dog running alongside us. In every way, in 1953, Texarkana, Arkansas, was a much different place than you might believe."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Aaron L. Carter's new audiobook is a clever book where the author uses the name Lee Carter, a pseudonym for himself, and Frank Cherry and Dennis Williams are pseudonyms for his two childhood best friends.

Growing up in the country is vastly different than city life. In this tale based on reality, three boys explore the haunted areas in their town at night to escape from boredom. Dennis is unrelenting in his pursuit of excitement being portrayed as an adventure seeker. Lee has become extremely tired of listening to episodes of "The Bickersons," which leads him to follow Dennis anywhere to obtain more excitement in his life. Frank is the opposition to Dennis. While he is reluctant to join his friends on a visit to the local cemetery, he vastly enjoys his relationship with his two friends. This is a tale of these three young boys' escapades and how their friendship becomes stronger through it all.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Boyhood Adventures: Second Edition" by Aaron L. Carter through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon.

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