Australian Listed Clean TeQ Water Opens European Office in Anticipation of Growing Demand for Its Novel Water Treatment Technologies

Clean TeQ Water (ASX:CNQ) is pleased to announce the registration of its European subsidiary, Clean TeQ Europe, the opening of its European Office, and joining the Water Alliance. The local presence and network will assist the Company's ability to react to demand for its unique suite of technology solutions from European customers.

This past summer Europe experienced the worst drought in 500 years, according to the Global Drought Observatory, during which 2/3 or Europe was under drought conditions with serious consequences for hydropower generation, the cooling systems of nuclear power plants, river transport, and water available for agriculture, industry and consumers. Compounded by the ongoing effects of climate change, it is clear to many that a comprehensive response is needed to mitigate the impacts of more extreme weather on water security going forward. 

Clean TeQ Water (ASX:CNQ), whose portfolio of technology solutions have been developed for maximum water recovery in water-scarce Australian conditions can play a role in improving Europe's resilience against droughts.

To meet this potential demand, Clean TeQ Water has opened a European office on the Water Campus in Leeuwarden, a city in the north of the Netherlands. The Water Campus is a water hub which locates various water companies, a world-leading water research centre (the Wetsus Institute) and a university with a water application centre, providing extensive facilities to do piloting and test work. Clean TeQ Water has also joined the Water Alliance, a partnership of public and private companies, research institutes and government agencies that focuses on innovative and sustainable water technology that can be used worldwide.

Clean TeQ expects most demand in Europe to come for three of its solutions. The first is HIROX, which provides an ultra-high water recycling rate (typically >95%), thus maximizing the utilization of existing water resources. CNQ is currently implementing a large-scale HIROX plant in the Middle East where the increased recovery means the useful life of the well water sources is more than doubled. 

A second source of demand could be driven by Europe's stringent regulation on nutrient recycling and removal, for which Clean TeQ Water has developed BIOCLENS and PHOSPHIX, solutions that remove and recycle nitrate, ammonia and phosphate.

Thirdly, in Europe, as in many other places in the world, concerns about persistent chemicals in drinking and wastewater have resulted in demand for upgrading of existing water treatment infrastructure. CNQ has developed Graphene Membranes, which will bring a range of benefits to the drinking and wastewater sectors in Europe as they enter the market over the coming years.

The addition of the European office significantly improves Clean TeQ Water's ability to engage local customers interested in these technologies, by allowing it to do local pilots, implement projects, and provide aftermarket operations and maintenance services. 

Source: Clean TeQ Water

About Clean TeQ Water

Clean TeQ Water (ASX:CNQ) is one of the world's most innovative water treatment companies. We provide a wide range of water treatment solutions to customers around the world.

Fresh water is the Earth’s most essential commodity. Population growth, the environmental challenges associated with urbanisation, economic development, and climate change are driving the water treatment market to become one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. In addition to these challenges, stricter regulation on water effluent quality is being driven by increased public concerns on the effect of micropollutants. These trends are driving demand for innovative water technology solutions.

Clean TeQ Water is well placed to capitalize on these market conditions with its deep expertise and unique portfolio of innovative technologies. Our technologies, which include continuous ion exchange solutions for targeted removal of pollutants, encapsulated bacteria for enhanced biological treatment, and new graphene based membranes, offer fundamentally new ways to treat water that address some pressing challenges in today’s global water sector. With the successful delivery of several commercial sized treatment plants, we have proven the benefits our technology can bring to customers.

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