Australian BI Startup Acterys Grows Customer Numbers 400%, Delivers Under-Budget Analytics

Acterys is challenging market leaders with a new breed of cost-effective cloud solutions based on Microsoft technologies

Acterys is challenging FP&A giants with a smarter PowerBI solution

​When business analytics startup Acterys was named among the top four technologies in the market by the US Association for Analytics & Planning (AFP), it may have come as a surprise to their multi-billion dollar competitors, but it certainly wasn’t a surprise for their clients.

Acterys launched in 2017, introducing a cloud-based solution that provides businesses with insights and forward-facing planning capabilities from all their relevant data sources in one place and within minutes from the initial free trial.

The solution completely replaces weeks of labour-intensive, menial spreadsheet maintenance with interactive dashboards and digital workflows that reduce the time frame for budgeting, forecasting and legal consolidation processes to a matter of hours. It is directly integrated with Microsoft’s market-leading Power BI analytics environment, Excel and their Azure cloud.

As a young company, Acterys has the challenge of making a name for itself in an industry dominated by billion-dollar brands. And it’s keeping up quite well. Since its inception, the Australian startup has seen a 400% growth in customer numbers, including big-name global clients in industries running the gauntlet from e-commerce to FMCG.

In Fort Worth, Texas, KMG Chemicals is one recent convert to Acterys. Previously, the enterprise had been compiling and analyzing data manually from its 12 global subsidiaries.

Their former process, which involved manually culling data from 11 separate ERP systems, had required weeks to get needed consolidated reports. Insights often arrived too late to react to important situations, slowing their overall growth.

Just one week after implementing Acterys, KMG was seeing results.

“They’re seeing all their analytics and, at the same time, they’re able to change their numbers and see how it turns out,” says Khaled Chowdhury, Global FP&A Manager at KMG. “It changes the dynamics of the discussion: people are able to focus more on the ‘think’ piece versus just entering data.”

Systems like this not long ago required budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of implementation. Using Acterys’ unique “one-click” approach, customers ranging from SMB-size to enterprise-scale have a running solution with interactive reports and the ability to project future results in less than 10 minutes.

For a global enterprise like KMG, the ability to gather, analyze and project reliable results without tedious manual processes was essential to maintain growth. But Acterys CEO Martin Kratky stresses that efficiency gains are a bonus but it’s ultimately the quality of the insights that enables a unique competitive advantage.

“Our aim is to not just streamline existing processes, but to take analytics to the next level and focus on prescriptive insights – what should you do based on the data, for example, what is the optimal product portfolio, what will the demand be?”

Martin Kratky, CEO

Source: Acterys


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