AUS Air Texas Touts Fast Emergency Service.

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When customers have an emergency relating to their heating and cooling needs, AUS Air Texas is leading the way with excellent response time and service.

With over 40 years of industry experience, the family owned and operated business is one of the top heating and cooling service companies across the state of Texas. But it's their emergency response expertise that is separating the company from the rest of the pack.

AUS Air Texas staffs more than 40 technicians on call in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This allows them to answer customers’ requests and needs ahead of the competition. The services they provide are available day or night. No matter what the demand is, their experienced technicians can be at their home or business quickly.

For the customers’ convenience, they make themselves available 24/7 through their emergency phone line. Whether the customer is having problems with their cooling unit during a hot summer day or dealing with a chilly night as their heating unit fails, one of their technicians will be on their way.

This guarantee extends to weekends and holidays. When a customer is having significant problems on a day like Christmas, AUS Air Texas technicians are always ready.

The most common examples of services that would need emergency attention are air conditioning units not blowing cold air, heat pumps malfunctioning, broken furnace, or air ducts not delivering flowing air. Another example of an HVAC emergency would be the smell of gas.

AUS Air Texas has recently expanded their operations to six additional locations - Tyler, San Antonio, Austin, Longview, Bryan/College Station, and Wichita Falls. With this expansion, they can now service customers’ needs a faster rate and take on more assignments and calls throughout the work week.

If you are a potential customer and run into a problem with your HVAC malfunction, A-US Air Conditioning can handle it. Their most requested issues include:

Air Conditioning: If your unit is not performing up to your standards, one of their technicians can determine if your system should be repaired or replaced.

Heat Pumps: If your heat pump is broken, you most likely will not receive hot/cold air via your HVAC system.

Furnace: Ensure your heater is working correctly and is repaired the first time accurately by letting their technicians install it or make sure it’s maintained precisely for the cold winter months in Texas.

Installations: If your system is old and damaged, you may need to replace it with a newer system. Our experienced staff can assess and give you their expert analysis on site.

Air Duct Problems: Did you know that your air ducts can affect the efficiency of your HVAC? If your pipes are poorly installed or blocked, you may be wasting energy and money. We can fix any air duct leaks, as well as insulate and clean them.

AUS Air Texas continues to expand their service area, but their customer satisfaction maintains to be at a high clip. They boost the wide variety of models and products, but more importantly their 90 percent customer satisfaction return rate.

One recent satisfied customer was extremely pleased with the promptness and knowledge their A-US Air Conditioning technician, who came to his home and stayed until the job was done, which lasted well into the evening hours.

This is just one of the many examples of A-US Air Conditioning technicians being knowledgeable, professional, and providing prompt service. 

For their quick response, availability, and professionalism, there is no mistake why A-US Air Conditioning is the leader in HVAC servicing throughout the state of Texas.

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