August Allen and Wana Brands Launch First-of-Its-Kind Augmented Reality Experience on Product Packaging

Augmented Reality Experience on Product Packaging

The forward-thinking team at Wana Brands worked with August Allen to launch an innovative AR experience for the cannabis brand's new product line that leverages the power and accessibility of Web-Based Augmented Reality (WebAR). By scanning the QR code on the packaging, consumers are presented with immersive 3D animations enabling them to select and brilliantly interact with the new Live Rosin gummy flavors Watermelon Slushy, Tropical Smoothie, Citrus Sorbet, and Berry Gelato.

Wana is the number one edible company in North America and the first edible brand to bring its packaging to life using AR technology. The AR experience was developed by August Allen with outstanding compatibility across iOS and Android devices. Consumers can simply hold their smartphones up to scan the QR code. Once activated, the audience is presented with a surreal user experience that promotes Wana's new solventless extracted live rosin line. 

The bold, detailed, and colorful 3D animations surround the user with fun and interactive educational content to drive engagement. These interactive features include a 360 view of 3D gummies floating around that participants can pop to hear unique, playful sounds and a terpene wheel that will take you to individual immersive flavor experiences. 

In addition to the 3D interactive content, the experience also features key call-to-actions to share the experience, view product batch details, or watch the YouTube video. 

August Allen integrated Google analytics into this experience, including in-depth user engagement and geo-location analytics. This allowed Wana to directly access key engagement metrics such as the number of users, quantity of views, average time-in-experience, and click-through rates.

This impressive first-of-its-kind on-cannabis packaging Web-based Augmented reality experience was developed by August Allen.

Check out the experience for yourself. 

Go to (best viewed on a mobile device). 

About August Allen:

August Allen is a full-service marketing agency with an extensive background in developing augmented reality campaigns and experiences. Interested in commissioning an Augmented Reality experience? Let's start a conversation.

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