AudioConexus Unveils New Brand Identity

AudioConexus unveils new visual identity to represent the company's forward outlook and corporate values.

AudioConexus New Visual Identity

AudioConexus, the leading provider of multilingual, multi-topical hardware, software and creative solutions for sightseeing operators, unveiled its new brand identity and logo across all media to coincide with its plans to launch innovative products later in 2017.

“Our visual identity represents a new era in our development and growth,” says Jonathan Stanley, President & CEO of AudioConexus Inc. “We're launching new products inspired by a human-centered design approach to creative problem solving and innovation, embarking on a journey that will transform our industry and drive greater value for our customers. Our new logo better reflects who we are today and the company we’re aiming to be tomorrow.”

"Our new visual identity reflects both the evolution of our company as well as our vision for the future. We believe AudioConexus is at the forefront of delivering the best passenger experiences in our industry. Our rebranding reflects the evolution, innovation and value we're bringing to sightseeing operators worldwide."

Doug Humphreys, Executive Vice President, Sales

This strategic branding is an initiative to highlight the company’s core principles of customer-focused solutions, accountability, and creativity that drives a relationship-first, collaborative model for creating premium tours and passenger experiences. Unlike traditional tour systems, AudioConexus provides a unique combination of authentic experience and extraordinary adaptability, giving ambitious, growth-orientated tour operators in local communities worldwide a distinctive edge.

The unique Brandmark consists of the AudioConexus “A” emerging in positive space as an icon. Covering and augmenting the letter, in negative space, is a nexus — a web indicative of a series of sound waves linking multiple points of interest. The Wordmark also received a makeover with a new sans-serif typeface optimized for legibility across mediums and the font weights reversed to bring emphasis to Conexus. Finally, the colours were enhanced, coupling dark and neutral blues to represent stability, professionalism, integrity and trust, with the light blue that pays delicate homage to the company’s creativity, life and passion without crossing into whimsy.

The resulting visual identity is primed to carry the company into the future.

In collaboration with Whiterock Reid, a branding and user experience agency, AudioConexus reviewed its vision, mission, core values and brand fingerprint, the guiding principles of their new brand identity.

This strategic branding is much more than a logo change. It represents the company’s forward outlook and corporate values. The new visual identity is the first in a series of important milestones that will strengthen the company’s position as a leader in multi-language, multi-topical sightseeing user experiences.


About AudioConexus Inc.

AudioConexus is the only complete multilingual, multi-topical hardware, software and creative solution that offers adaptable, unique, five-star user experiences for ambitious, growth-oriented tour operators in local communities worldwide looking for a distinctive edge so that they can increase bookings year round in an era of formulaic tourist experiences and short attention spans.

About Whiterock Reid

Whiterock Reid’s unique and strategic approach to branding develops the foundation for more sustainable growth, more committed people, and more unique and relevant offerings.

We believe that brands are drivers of change. We build brands to be more innovative, increase revenue, attract world-class talent, build awareness, grow market share and delight their customers, thereby allowing them to be cultural, social and economic forces in society,” says Whiterock Reid CEO Bruce White. By driving change within organizations, Whiterock Reid strives to influence tribes and cultures to improve lives and, by extension, contribute positively to the global community.

Source: AudioConexus Inc.