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The latest statistics show more than five million podcasts are clamoring for a solid listener base, but one game changing marketing company has the solution to low viewership and engagement. Meet Audience Unleashed, an innovative next-level podcast marketing company, which is creating quite a stir in the business services and consulting industry. This Florida based business is raising the bar in the 2 billion-dollar podcast sector bringing much needed awareness to voices who would normally be drowned out by the more established brands. With more than 70 million podcast episodes waiting to be heard, Audience Unleashed is ready to take on the challenge.

Audience Unleashed is specifically designed for podcast pioneers, newcomers and experienced show hosts who want to crack the code and increase their rankings on the Apple charts. No matter the aim, they can assist customers in reaching their set goals and beyond. As a soon to be industry leader, Audience Unleashed has a five-star ranking with a list of satisfied clients.

Discovering the difference between a great podcast and one that fizzles out is key. Audience Unleashed helps the novice and seasoned podcasters charter the waters to success. Many podcasts "podfade" due to lack of consistency and some are just plain boring. According to Audience Unleashed, 97.3% of podcasts fail for the following reasons: audiences do not know they exist, producing and publishing do not equal profits, podcasters are not marketers, and most go at it alone, which results in burnout.

For the savvy podcaster who wants to get off on the right path, starting is easy. Book a quick "get to know you" call with one of Audience Unleashed podcaster team members. The purpose is to learn about the client's podcast, dreams, and goals. Together, they will build a tailor-made campaign to reflect those aspirations. 

Next, choose the campaign that best suits you. Podcasts are personal expressions of who a person is and what they love. The campaigns must also reflect that. It is about creating a customized, practical, results-driven campaign together.

The third step is "Top The Charts." The Audience Unleashed team will get to work on the campaign as quickly as 24 hours from the client's first call. They take pride in offering positive results for each valued podcaster and offer a money back guarantee

Audience Unleashed has various packages and campaigns to choose from including the Top 100 Launch which guarantees the customer a place in the Top 100 podcast ranking or a full refund. They also offer the Top 50 Launch as well as the Top 10 Launch. Their packages include the Growth Lite Campaign and the more extensive Growth Campaign is also available.

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