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Avi Shabtai, seasoned real estate investor and antique store owner, presents Shabtai’s Auction House's third auction this year. This one hits the Los Angeles area with an astonishing display of Asian art objects and stunning European antiques. The auction’s varying objects and consistent quality once again solidify Shabtai's prowess in the art and antique sphere.

“Knowing that we are in the early stages of cultivating the auction house’s image, I aimed to appeal to a broad audience by incorporating art objects from far reaches of the world while maintaining our refined and tasteful qualities,” says Shabtai. The auction is rife with East-Asian antiquities including but not limited to, wooden and marble sculptures, small bone-carved trinkets, kimonos and Edo-period prints as well as ornate European clocks and decorative accessories that would titillate Louis XVI.

So please join us this week at our May 26th Asian Antiques, European Clocks & Decorative Accessories Auction. Go to our website to find out more.

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“This auction contains a myriad of unique and exciting pieces,” says Sara Davis-Murray, senior art specialist of Shabtai’s Auction House, “ my personal favorite is the inlaid ‘Mother of Peal’ lacquer kimono box dating to the Late Meiji period. This stunning piece is embellished with highly-unusual imagery, a Persian cat hiding in the branches of a Hong Kong orchid tree… This work is truly a one-of-a-kind piece to hit the auction block. I am thrilled to handle such rare and important works in every price range!”

Though located in the NOHO Arts District, Shabtai’s makes bidding on items effortless from anywhere in the world. In the spirit of their family-owned nature, Avi Shabtai says, “we encourage individuals to come by in person to join our community but want to accommodate every interested art buyer.” During the auction people can call in or bid online using and, truly deeming it an auction house of the twenty first century.

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Sara Davis-Murray

Senior Art Specialist

Shabtai's Auction House

o. 818.224.7239

c. 626.437.1776

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