Aucerna Acquires Integrated Production Modeling Trailblazers

Previso software joins the Aucerna Energy Ecosystem

Aucerna Previso - Next Generation Integrated Production Modeling

Aucerna, the energy industry’s most trusted provider of software for connected planning, execution, and reserves, announced today that it has acquired Previso, a fresh new innovator in the realm of Integrated Production Modeling software.

At just over three years old, Previso has taken the industry by storm. Their oil and gas software of the same name provides operators with cutting edge capabilities for forecasting and modeling in the exceedingly complex world of compositional gas forecasting. For decades, operators have struggled in this space, relying on expensive, slow, and complicated legacy software to predict future production.

Previso has flipped this process on its head. The software’s lightning-fast calculation engine, next-generation interface, and ability to model the entire compositional gas value chain, from the wellbore to market, gives engineers the ability to answer the question of “is this even possible” in mere minutes, instead of days. This freed up time is now used to enhance other areas of the value chain, including exploration of production optimization strategies, which was simply not viable when case resolution took days.  

Although the company is young, Previso has already made an impact on the industry, attracting an impressive list of operators at a time when accurate forecasts are more vital than ever. As part of their complete software ecosystem, the Aucerna team will take the technology even further, expanding Previso’s capabilities, connecting it with other critical workflows, and making it available to a wider global audience.

“Integrated Production Modeling is vital for companies who want to take their operations to a greater level of optimization,” said Wayne Sim, CEO of Aucerna. “Today, no other software can match Previso for its capabilities or the Previso staff for their expertise. We are very excited to welcome this team and this technology to the Aucerna ecosystem.”

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Aucerna is the energy industry's leading provider of cloud software for integrated planning, execution, and reserves. The company is a global source of technology and expertise, serving more than 500 customers worldwide. From super-majors and emerging operators to energy investors, consultants, and education institutions, Aucerna software is empowering people to achieve new possibilities through connected planning. For more information, visit   

About Previso

Previso is next-generation, integrated production modeling software that can model the entire extraction, production, and distribution system from multiple reservoirs, wells, sub-sea pipelines, compressors, and separators, to the market. It very quickly and accurately history matches and forecasts production profiles and manages subsurface uncertainty quantification by generating vast numbers of scenarios required for short, medium, and long-term production planning.

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Aucerna is the energy industry's leading provider of solutions for integrated planning, execution, and reserves. The company is a global source of technology and expertise for the energy industry.

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