Attune Ensemble™ OTC, a First-of-Its-Kind Cancer Well-Being App, is Now Available for Free to Spanish-Speaking Patients

Blue Note Therapeutics today announced plans to provide Spanish-speaking patients with immediate access to a new cancer-specific wellness app, attune ensemble™ OTC. The wellness app is a first-of-its-kind digital therapy designed to help patients cope with the emotional symptoms of cancer, such as stress. Providing attune ensemble OTC in Spanish supports Blue Note's goal of providing all patients with access to cancer-specific support to ease the burdens of cancer and improve outcomes. 

Those who are interested in learning more about attune ensemble OTC can visit or call (415)200-3697 to speak with a bilingual Patient Service representative.  

"As a cancer survivor, I can attest to the physical, financial, and emotional challenges faced following a cancer diagnosis, and these challenges are often exacerbated when English is not your native language," said Daniel G Garza, anal cancer patient advocate and Blue Note Therapeutics' patient advisor. "Offering a free, over-the-counter therapy app available in Spanish will help to fill a great need for Spanish-speaking cancer patients, a community too often overlooked." 

"I am proud to work with Blue Note Therapeutics because they understand the importance of bridging healthcare to Spanish speaking communities of which I am a part. Attune ensemble OTC helps to bring understanding and strategies to reduce the mental and emotional toll for those coping with cancer. Most importantly, attune ensemble OTC identifies the importance of family and friend support systems and provides information on how to build stronger bonds to those close with the patients," said Sam Haro, product development and design quality engineer, Blue Note Therapeutics. "Contributing to this work and development of a new digital tool that will support Spanish-speaking patients living with cancer has been an honor."

Attune ensemble OTC applies Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management (CBSM) to teach relaxation and coping skills specifically to address the unique challenges of cancer and can be used at any point from diagnosis through to survivorship. Attune ensemble OTC is made available through the Public Health Emergency and is adjunctive to usual care. 

"We're excited to offer a new tool to support the overall well-being of Spanish-speaking patients with cancer," said Geoffrey Eich, CEO, Blue Note Therapeutics. "Attune ensemble OTC will be offered for free and is the first app of its kind. This is a remarkable milestone on our journey to expand patient access to cancer-specific mental health care; now we can welcome more members of our Hispanic, Caribbean, and Latin American communities." 

English-speaking patients can visit to learn more about potential opportunities and support for the emotional symptoms of cancer. 

Interested in learning more about this topic? Please join Blue Note Therapeutics on July 13 for an engaging panel discussion with native Spanish-speaking clinicians and patients. The webinar, titled Serving the Mental Well-Being Needs of the Hispanic and Latino Cancer Community, will be conducted in Spanish. For more information and to register, visit

About Cancer-Related Distress

There are about 18 million cancer patients and survivors in the United States today.1 Nearly half of all cancer patients experience psychosocial distress, anxiety, or depression.2 If left untreated, these feelings can lower a cancer survivor's quality of life and may negatively affect survival.3 The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has established guidelines for the delivery of mental health care services in oncology, which include screening patients for signs of distress and implementing a treatment plan to address these needs with a mental health care specialist.4 Unfortunately, fewer than half of patients who experience cancer-related distress, which can be defined as any unpleasant feeling, emotion, or experience that affects a patient's quality of life or ability to cope with cancer diagnosis and treatment, are referred to mental health care specialists.5,6 Prescription digital therapeutics designed to treat cancer-related distress can help close this cancer treatment gap.

About Blue Note Therapeutics

Blue Note Therapeutics is a prescription digital therapeutics company singularly dedicated to serving patients suffering from cancer. We aim to make treatment accessible to any cancer patient, at any time, by merging deep scientific and clinical expertise, neuroscience, and digital innovation. Working closely with cancer research and patient communities, we are developing a pipeline of clinically validated prescription digital therapeutics to help reduce anxiety, depression, and other forms of cancer-related distress. For more information, visit

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Source: Blue Note Therapeutics, Inc.