Attorneys to Address Towing and Recovery Challenges at Industry Summit

Towing attorneys Michael McGovern and Nicholas Porto are scheduled to speak on important topics affecting towing companies today at the Towing & Recovery Management Summit in June.

​Michael McGovern and Nicholas Porto are the founders of, a subscription-based website dedicated to towing and recovery industry legal issues. They also write the popular column “Legaleze” in Tow Times magazine, the leading industry publication.

The attorneys will be presenters at the third annual Summit, where they will address towing company owners and operators who will be joining together in an intimate setting to discuss ideas and network with suppliers from June 15 to 17 in St. Louis. 

Will you be prepared if a Department of Labor auditor knocks on your office door?

McGovern and Porto will speak on:

• The Legal Minefield of Employee Management – According to a December 2015 news release from the U.S. Department of Labor, towing companies are the target of a new DOL initiative focusing on misclassification of tow truck drivers as independent contractors, minimum wage violations due to wage deductions for damages to vehicles in tow, and overtime violations that result when an employer pays a straight commission without regard to hours worked. Will you be prepared if a DOL auditor knocks on your office door?

• Manually Speaking: Part 2 of the Legal Minefield seminar – This session will address employee manuals, operations manuals and how each can protect — or harm — your company.

• Using the Law to Make More Money – The towing attorneys address the legal issues of getting paid. Better collections begin at the tow lot office — before the tow truck ever leaves the yard. 

The towing and recovery industry faces regulation and legal issues that challenge towing company owners and operators. McGovern and Porto, the most experienced lawyers in the towing and recovery field, address these pressing themes with knowledge and insight.

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