Attorney Kathryn Burmeister's New Book is a Powerful Wake-Up Call to the Status Quo and Details How to Shut Off Our Obsession With It

'Overcoming Addiction to the Status Quo' Book Cover

"A beautiful, vulnerable meditation on what 'success' really means and how to find the courage to define it for ourselves. Thank you." --Courtney Rowley, Esq., Personal Injury Trial Attorney, Speaker, Author of Trial by Woman

Do you judge yourself? Are you your own worst critic? Are you truly happy? What if you could learn to eradicate, or at least tame, the self-judgment, quiet the critic, and embrace your chance to live a fulfilling life? It takes letting go of the status quo that always demands you do more to attain more to be more.

Addiction to the status quo doesn't manifest itself in only one way. It comes from being dependent on a combination of subtle societal standards, professional demands, self-criticism, self-doubt, with the key part of it being the need to be "perfect". Perhaps most egregiously, the status quo is accepted and encouraged by virtually everyone. Ultimately, it is an imbalance in our perception of ourselves and our role in society and can be just as devastating and even as deadly as traditional substance or behavioral addiction simply because at a minimum, being "perfect" is impossible.

Courageously weaving her own story through the path of embracing imperfection and vulnerability, Kathryn Burmeister teaches that it is not only possible to overcome this illusory, destructive addiction. She makes an open-and-shut case for a life without forced suffering and true happiness—underscored by other professionals, examples and advice for the real world.

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About Kathryn Burmeister, Esq.  
Kathryn Burmeister is an unconventional, animal-loving lawyer dedicated to making a difference. Born out of passion for helping others, adherence to integrity, and a commitment to honesty, Kathryn has had the great benefit of opening her own practice to promote these ideals while guiding clients to their legal solution. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and five diva cats and one dog. Overcoming Addiction to the Status Quo is her debut as an author.

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