Attop Launches New GPS 4K Drone Series for Advanced Aerial Photography

Take Your Aerial Photography to the Next Level with Attop's Latest GPS 4K Drone Series, Equipped with Advanced Features for Both Entry-Level and Advanced Users

Attop, a famous brand in the drone industry, has launched its latest product, the GPS 4K drone, which is designed for professional aerial photography. With a sophisticated GPS system, this drone is perfect for advanced users, while entry-level models are also available for those who are new to flying drones. The brand has been committed to offering high-quality drones to the business-to-consumer (B2C) market since 2013 and has expanded its product line to cater to more experienced users. The Attop GPS drone comes in two models, W70 and W80, both with unique selling points. 

The W70 model boasts a 4K ultra-clear camera, 5G FPV range, GPS positioning auto return to home, and trajectory fingering paint as customers want. This model is equipped with a brushless motor that runs more powerfully and with less noise and long service life for stable and fast drone flight. The W70 drone's flight path can follow the trajectory customers want or fly around it, increasing the fun of outdoor shooting and capturing more exciting shots. With the Follow Me function enabled, the W70 drone can follow the GPS on customers' smartphones, allowing them to capture more memorable moments.

The W80 model, on the other hand, features a 2-axis gimbal with a 4K UHD EIS camera, GPS return to home, 5G FPV transmission, and multifunctional drones recording highlight moments. The 2-axis motorized gimbal provides superior camera stability and higher wind resistance. Its 4K UHD image quality is more transparent and has a 90° adjustable lens to capture more wonderful images. The W80 model has added features like point-of-interest, waypoint flight, and Follow Me, perfect for sports enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts. Its brushless motor ensures a more powerful operation, lower noise, and longer service life for stable and fast drone flight.

Attop emphasizes that its product line is complete, and consumers interested in GPS drones but have a limited budget can buy other cost-effective models as entry-level machines. The brand aims to support its customers throughout their drone journey and help them discover a better world. The drones with cameras for adults can be used in parks, parking lots, campgrounds, or beaches to record exciting moments anywhere. The ATTOP portable drones offer up to 60 minutes of flight time (30 minutes for each battery), fulfilling all customers' needs, whether they want to film a landscape or a life documentary.

The brand's latest GPS 4K drone series boasts advanced features like GPS positioning, multifunctional drones, and high-definition cameras at an affordable price point, making it a cost-effective alternative to more professional models like DJI.

To learn more about the Attop brand and its latest GPS 4K drone series, visit its Amazon store.

Source: Attop