Attack on Indian Culture,Humanity,Hinduism and Saints

GUJARAT POLICE barged into Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ashram and thrashed every body including women and monks. They also damaged property, desecrated temple and religious idols in the ashram.

The police attack on November 27, 2009 at Asaramji Bapu's Ahemdabad Ashram, crossed all boundaries of barbarism, and, is an evidence of absolute anarchy.

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Bapuji's followers organized a peaceful rally to protest against the 'Sandesh' newspaper's baseless and defaming articles about Pujya Bapuji and Ashram in different parts of Gujarat, which were successful. The rally organized on November 26, 2009 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat was successful for the 4 km but then it was intruded by a group of Sandesh insiders who posed as sadhaks and ignited violence by pelting stones on the police and injuring them.

This resulted in Ashram followers being labeled as offenders by the police which resulted in an all out Police outrage. In the conflict with the crowd, some senior police officials received some injuries. As a punishment, about 400 Ashram followers involved in the rally were brutally thrashed by the Police sticks. 236 people were arrested including 72 women. Those injured in the police sticks were admitted to the hospital and later arrested under IPC 307 (attempt to murder).

The flame of these furious senior Police officals was so desperate that it intended to gobble Bapuji's entire Ashram and its apogee was seen on November 27 past noon when a large convoy of police with nearly 150 policemen suddenly attacked the Ashram like vandals and terrorists. Each and every one present in the Ashram was brutally thrashed, kicked and beaten up by sticks and rifle butts and was being forcefully pushed in around half a dozen police vans. Police unreasonably broke all the glass showcases with Ashram products, window panes and doors of the Ashram. Some sadhaks, feared by the attack closed the doors of their rooms which were banged and broken by the police. They were scourged with sticks and dragged to the police van. Police even broke the door of a silent meditation room and dragged devotees out of the room. The police didn't even spare aged sadhaks who had come here from different parts of India for meditating and delve more into spirituality. One of the old aged devotees was mercilessly dragged by his hair all the way to the police van. The cruel ruthless police fired to terrorize sadhaks running towards the river, to save their lives. This ceaseless rampage of Police terrorism in a peaceful ashram of 'Self Realised' saint continued for over 2 hours. Each and every nook and corner of the Ashram was scanned, every individual was beaten up, arrested and eventually pushed into the Police vans. The sanctity of the religious place where millions of devotees come from all over the world to find peace and love was completely destroyed.

This incident did not end here. At the place where Ashram devotees were taken by police, about 10-12 small children and old people were released by police in an attempt to avoid legal troubles in future. Out of the 10-12 people which were beaten up brutally with knob sticks including a south Indian retired professor, described the situation there: "After we were taken out of the buses, we were made to sit in a ground approximately 50 yards away and that complete path was surrounded by policemen armed with knob sticks, the policemen were brutally beating everyone saying that our senior officer has got 10 stitches in his head."

It clearly reflected from the cruel deeds of these policemen, that by beating up innocent sadhaks they were taking revenge of their officer's stitches and wanted to please their officer, by proving their loyalty in this cruel manner. Such a ghastly behavior of police in today's civilized society is a slap on the face of democracy and stigma on the name of humanity. No matter, how much or to whatever extent this gets condemned, it would still be insufficient.

We sincerely appeal to President of India , Chief Justice of India , Chief Minister Gujarat , Human Rights Commision & other similar humanitarian organizations throughout the world to come forward on this inhuman act and take an inquiry and an immediate stern action against those found guilty.

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