Atomic Entertainment Launches Innovative Learning Platform to Boost Elementary Education

Atomic Entertainment celebrates the recent launch of SmartyCamps, combining the best video entertainment with interactive learning for a dynamic educational experience.

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SmartyCamps are new, fun-filled video courses that provide interactive and engaging content for kids, from the Emmy-nominated creators of Nat Geo's hit series BRAIN GAMES. The video adventure platform puts children front and center in a dynamic and highly entertaining learning experience. Each 30- to 60-minute video allows children to delve deeper into key fields, such as science, history, and technology. The courses are designed with the latest research from the fields of child psychology and education, to ensure maximum enjoyment and lasting knowledge retention.

The premiere course, Space Camp, will be followed soon by courses on the Ocean, Dinosaurs, the Human Brain, and much, much more — ensuring no one is bereft of options. With new episodes published throughout the year, SmartyCamps will become the online destination for curious kids who want to have fun discovering how their brains, body, the world — and even the universe — works.

SmartyCamps aims to build the best possible online experience by harnessing the latest research in edutainment and audio-visual learning psychology. Research shows children's curiosity is in overdrive between the ages of six and 10, making it the best time to nurture their educational development. SmartyCamps has been likened to a "Masterclass for Kids," feeding their insatiable appetite for knowledge with character-shaping content. Atomic wants to see a new generation of "Smartypants" equipped with the cleverness and creativity to change the world.

The launch of this new platform builds on the success of Atomic's "Who Smarted?" podcast, which has reached nearly 5 million downloads in its first 18 months — ranking it in the top 0.5% of all podcasts in the world.

"Our goal is to use the power of entertainment-based education to inspire the curiosity of millions of elementary students. Our carefully crafted content explores key knowledge-building subjects through things kids love, like rollercoasters, pizza, video games, and the ocean. By connecting super clever and insanely fun scripted stories to stuff kids are already wild about -- kids get to have a great time without even realizing how much they're learning," said Jerry Kolber, CEO/Co-Founder of Atomic Entertainment and Host of "Who Smarted?"

About the company

Atomic Entertainment develops a range of learning tools for one purpose: to create educational content so insanely engaging that you don't even realize you're learning! Atomic's ground-breaking work has earned an Emmy Nomination, Parents' Choice Award, Common Sense Media Award, CableFax Family Award, and Imogen Award for Diversity. Along with its flagship tool, Who Smarted?, Atomic Education has created Brain Games (Nat Geo), Brainchild (Netflix), as well as original shows for Discovery, and SyFy Channel.


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Source: Atomic Entertainment