Atlas Training, Provider of Online Exam Prep API, CWI and NDT Certification Courses Reports Increased Signups as Energy Industry Professionals Take Advantage of World-Wide Stay-at-Home Protocols

Many petroleum, petrochemical, and power industry professionals are enhancing their resumes with advanced API, CWI and NDT online training courses during the pandemic.

Atlas Training, the leading provider of comprehensive API, CWI & NDT online exam prep training courses, reported today a pandemic related surge in professionals upgrading their credentials by adding new certifications to their resume. Atlas Training allows students to take these guaranteed, industry-leading multimedia courses from anywhere – Atlas has recently extended their online multi-media course access for an entire year.

Hannon McLeod, the president of Atlas Training stated, “Many have realized that if they can’t be at work, that they might as well be constructive and take one of our online training courses to enhance their resume. We all know that when the job market in the oil, petrochemical, chemical and power industries starts to dry up, everyone becomes aware of how important advanced certifications can be. When it comes down to several candidates and only a very few positions, these certs and qualifications become extremely important in determining if a candidate will be chosen to fill an available position.”

Atlas Training is noted in the industry as the company that is always moving forward with the most effective online multimedia course applications that allows course access from anywhere via mobile or desktop devices. In addition to the above, Atlas Training recently increased their NDT course offering to include MT (magnetic particle testing), PT (liquid penetrant testing), VT (visual testing), RT (radiographic testing), UT (ultrasonic testing) and UTT (ultrasonic testing thickness) exam prep certifications. Atlas also introduced the first-ever English/Spanish AWS Certified Welding Inspector exam preparation course to be available in the United States.

Established in Houston in 2014 by Hannon McLeod and Oran Lewis, Atlas API Training provides online and on-site petroleum, petrochemical, and power industries exam preparation courses for advanced industry certification. Over the last several years, Atlas has received multiple requests to expand their offering of advanced API, CWI and NDT certifications and is now developing additional industry-specific training courses that will soon be available.

Our online training courses are designed to give students the best opportunity to pass the critical certification exams. All courses are frequently updated to reflect the most current industry-specific changes and testing parameters. In the effort to service the ever-increasing demand for on-site instruction, AtlasTraining has also expanded their instructor recruitment program. Contact: 409-234-1322

Source: Atlas API