Atlas Banking Launches FDIC Insured Bank Accounts for Global Businesses

Businesses from over 150 countries can now access up to $250,000 deposit protection insurance on their funds held thanks to Atlas Banking


Businesses from over 150 countries can now access up to $250,000 deposit protection insurance on their funds held thanks to Atlas Banking.

International banking can have many variables including:

  • Geo-political risk
  • Currency risk
  • 'Is my money in an actual bank?'

And even if they are held with a bank 'What are my protections in case the worst were to happen?'

Many banks around the world don't offer protections on funds held; meaning that if the bank were to go bankrupt, your funds would be lost. 

Each and every account holder on Atlas Banking's new FDIC insured account structure will receive deposit protection insurance up to $250,000. Provided by The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) and backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. So if something does happen to the bank, your funds are not at risk.

The accounts are available in USD only (for now) and connected to the ACH, Fedwire and SWIFT payment networks. 

All with Atlas Bankings tried and tested remote application and registration process; with the ability to have your account up and running in under 72 hours.

Coming soon: Utilising our multi-bank approach to increase the level of deposit protection offered to $1m. By enabling account holders to have their funds auto-deposited across multiple banks to stay within the FDIC insured limit, and protect every dollar.

About Atlas Banking

Designed for international businesses. Atlas Banking is a multi-bank, multi-jurisdiction, multi-currency platform. Headquartered in London, UK and New York, U.S.A.

With business customers from over 25 countries, and the ability to onboard from over 180 countries. 

And with a focus on global 24/7 support; that is always your timezone.

They offer the ability to access a greater breadth of banking, payment and financial service than available from single bank providers, including local and international payment systems: ACH, Fedwire, SEPA, FasterPayment and SWIFT. 

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