Atlanta's Short-Term Rental Community Launches Alliance

Atlanta's short-term rental community has formed a non-profit alliance to educate and promote understanding among homeowners, city council members, neighborhood associations and neighbors about the roles and the contribution of short-term rentals to their communities.   

The new organization is called the Atlanta Metro Short-Term Rental Alliance; AMSTRA for short. According to Rich Munroe, President, AMSTRA is dedicated to "preserving Atlanta's vibrant short-term rental community through advocacy and education. We support reasonable regulations and responsible business practices that allow short-term rentals to continue providing much-needed lodging options while, at the same time, blending seamlessly with our neighbors."

AMSTRA members come from the more than 10,000 Atlanta short-term rental owners, property managers, hosts and co-hosts, as well as businesses that support Atlanta and Georgia as one of America's premier business and entertainment venues. Short-term rental guests include temporary professional workers, storm evacuees, tourists, sports enthusiasts, film crews, and convention attendees. 

The economic impact of short-term rentals is significant. According to a 2020 study published by economic policy analysts TXP, Inc. of Austin, Texas, "The direct spending by short-term rental guests in Georgia yielded a total impact of more than $1.3 billion in economic activity, over $400 million in annual earnings, and almost 18,000 jobs during 2019. To put these figures in context, the economic activity attributable to STRs is the equivalent of about three percent of the reported aggregate impact of travel to the state during 2018."

According to Munroe, "The Alliance's early priorities are to help our legislators and neighborhood associations understand the economic and social impact of short-term rentals. We want to help them understand the issues and help implement the new short-term rental ordinances set to go into effect this March. That said, our efforts are not just about the economy and ordinances. We're about being good neighbors. Our experienced AMSTRA board members and fellow short-term rental hosts are looking forward to working with Atlanta's neighborhoods to ensure our city continues to thrive in the years to come."

For more information about the Atlanta Metro Short-Term Rental Association, please visit or contact Kellie Simpson at / 678-373-2426 or Lora Clemens at / 201-953-5015.

Source: Atlanta Metro Short-Term Rental Alliance