Atlanta Cutlery's Black Friday Super Sale to Offer 20% Discount

To celebrate Black Friday Weekend, Atlanta Cutlery is offering its customers a 20% sale on in-stock items for a five-day period starting November 22, 2018.

Atlanta Cutlery's Black Friday Super Sale

‚ÄčAtlanta Cutlery Corp is offering its customers a 20% off discount on in-stock items to celebrate Black Friday Weekend. The Five-days Super Sale runs from November 22 through November 26. Customers will collect Rewards Points for each purchase, provided they are registered and logged in to the website. (There are also other ways to earn reward points, which are listed on the website.) Further, there is free shipping for purchases over $150.

The sale covers everything on the website, from established bestselling products to brand new arrivals. Keep your eyes peeled for the stunning Windlass nautical items such as Nautical Knife and Captains Navigation Kit. Additionally, there are irresistible antiques currently in the catalog such as traditional Gurkha kukris and knives, original blades that are over 100 years old. Also, customers will have access to high-quality folders and fixed blade knives such as the 1917 US Trench Knife; military sabers and swords like the 1860 Light Cavalry Union Saber as well as other period, Asian and fantasy blades; battle-worthy weapons; period clothing and accessories; historical pieces of the American Civil War and the World Wars; amazing licensed goods of popular television shows and Hollywood movies like The Walking Dead and The Lord of the Rings; home decor articles; replica and dummy weapons, and a whole lot more. 

Rest assured you are getting a fantastic value for the money. The items on sale are works of exceptionally talented craftsmen who unfailingly offer the perfect mix of style, substance and historical accuracy in their products.

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