ATL Events Group Sets Goals for 2016

The executives at ATL Events Group have been focused on maintaining the firm's growth by setting aggressive goals for 2016. The director of operations highlighted the company's strategic planning process.

“This has been an outstanding year for us,” said Brandon, the director of operations at ATL Events Group. “Our success is due to the dedication and hard work of our team. Our flawless execution is the result of our comprehensive planning process.”

The management team at ATL Events Group understands the firm’s success depends on effective communication. “When everyone is on the same page, we are primed to win,” said Brandon. “That is why we ensure all individuals have clear objectives. Instead of feeling like a cog in a machine, every associate owns a piece of the business.”

"When everyone is on the same page, we are primed to win,"

Brandon, Director of Operations

“One secret of our success is to focus on the things we do well,” continued the director. Each quarter, management selects a set of measurable objectives that have a high probability of success. “When we keep everyone focused on a finite list of targets, we optimize our strengths,” added Brandon. “Our results benefit the bottom line and the brands we represent.”

ATL Events Group’s team-based culture enables transparency throughout the organization. “Everyone here wants to win,” said Brandon. “As a management team, we keep our associates informed on the state of the business. In turn, we actively listen to their innovative ideas. That way, everyone is aligned and motivated to succeed.”

ATL Events Group Highlights the Firm’s Strategic Planning Process

The end of the year is a busy time for the team at ATL Events Group. “We are closing end-of-year business,” said Brandon. “However, it is also time for us to finalize our 2016 goals.”

“Strategic planning starts with our vision,” said the director. “Our core values define how we work together, where we focus our business, and how we engage with our customers. From there, high-level goals and objectives are established.” The process enables managers and team members to determine what areas need improvement, and which targets should be met. “We aim to set aggressive growth targets for 2016,” Brandon added. “Therefore, it’s important for everyone to be on board.”

Once the 2016 roadmap is created, managers and their teams develop objectives and short-term milestones that will become projects for the upcoming year. “After the 2016 strategic plan is in place, it’s easy for individuals to see where they will contribute,” said Brandon. “Our team is more than capable of meeting aggressive targets. I am looking forward to an exciting and prosperous 2016.”

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