ATL Events Group Promotes and Hires Team Members

The President of ATL Events Group discussed recent team member promotions, as well as his latest hiring plans. These developments follow a significant increase in demand for the firm's innovative marketing services.

“I know how important it is to nurture an environment of growth here at ATL Events Group,” said Brandon, the company’s President. “It paves the way for a successful future. All our team members are driven by their own passion and ambitions, and my colleagues and I empower them to channel their energies toward upward mobility. As they master the capabilities to move forward, they are promoted.”

Several associates recently moved from their entry-level positions to work as campaign managers. Brandon reported that they have already proven to be highly effective with their new responsibilities. “Lucy is the picture of perseverance,” he stated. “She’s always eager to learn and grow. Chris has a fantastic work ethic as well, and consistently strives to succeed.”

"As team members move through the ranks at ATL Events Group, they are experiencing rising demand for their sales and marketing services,"

Brandon , President

According to Brandon, Shakia was promoted thanks to her drive and motivation. She has demonstrated the ideal student mentality for ATL Events Group, and is excelling quickly as a result. Rena, whose ability to relate to others is particularly impressive, is also equipped with the hunger for success.

“All these qualities make Lucy, Chris, Shakia, and Rena influential campaign managers,” Brandon added. “I’m thrilled to see them excelling with the company.”

ATL Events Group President Reveals Hiring Plans

“As team members move through the ranks at ATL Events Group, they are experiencing rising demand for their sales and marketing services,” Brandon continued. “These developments leave a number of professional opportunities available to career-focused, leadership-oriented individuals. This is the perfect place to build a bright future. It’s clear from the latest associate promotions that we offer considerable learning and advancement options.”

Brandon pointed out that the company is also known for its culture of support. Ambitious team members are afforded the opportunities to grow their networks through national conferences and other industry events. The group engages in team-building activities on a regular basis as well, and all new hires are paired with experienced managers to ensure they exceed all their goals. Everyone receives the resources and encouragement they need to excel.

“I’d like to encourage anyone who would like to learn more to contact us,” Brandon concluded. “People who are ready to apply can do so through our website. We look forward to meeting our new coworkers!”

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