ATI Systems Releases New Local Control Panel

ATI announces the release of its new Local Control Panel

BOSTON, MA - June 7, 2010 - ATI Systems, the industry-leading mass notification provider, announces the release of its new Local Control Panel for local control of voice and tone activations.

ATI's indoor and outdoor notification units are now available with an optional Local Control Panel. This allows a person at the indoor speaker unit (ISU) or outdoor High Powered Speaker Station (HPSS, or Siren) to operate that unit locally, while still being monitored by the central control station.

The Local Control Panel consists of a 4x20 character display, a rugged membrane keypad, and an echo-canceling microphone. The simple menu interface lets the user select and activate a desired alarm sequence, perform a live PA using the microphone, or access several test and diagnostic features to obtain detailed siren status. "Hot Keys" can be assigned, if desired, allowing an activation to be triggered with a single key press.

There are several possible mounting options, including inside the door of a siren unit or a wall mount near an indoor unit. ATI's new Local Control Panel adds another dimension of flexibility in warning system design.