Athlete-Friendly Sports Fields: Capillary Hydroponics Blends the Best of Natural and Artificial Turf

An innovative new system to grow resilient and low-maintenance turfgrass ushers in a new era for sports fields.

Outstanding Football Fields ​for Top Level Performance​

Natural grass is considered the gold standard for sports surfaces. Athletes – especially NFL players – prefer it because it is safer, cooler and provides the traction they need to make sharp, precise movements. But this sports hero has an Achilles' heel – demanding upkeep, weather-related vulnerabilities, and challenges in withstanding rigorous use.

Not anymore.

CapillaryFlow is delighted to introduce Capillary Hydroponics – a groundbreaking solution for growing robust, wear-resistant turfgrass on sports fields. Capillary Hydroponics grass is completely natural but has the resilience of artificial turf. By ensuring continuous sports field functionality, regardless of weather, location or usage, it is the breakthrough the industry has been waiting for.

"CapillaryFlow and its founder, Martin Sternberg, have invented the first-ever hydroponic system for growing turfgrass, and it will revolutionize the way we construct and maintain turf in the future." These are the words of Dr. Thomas Nikolai, a leading turfgrass scientist, who is spearheading a study that is comparing Capillary Hydroponics to the latest in USGA technology at Michigan State University.

Capillary Hydroponics

Capillary Hydroponics utilizes an oxygenated and fertilized moving underground water table to grow strong grass with deep roots. Capillary Material – a patented and engineered polymer-based concrete that is the only building material that can rapidly drain water while also moving water up – gives the system the level base that is critical for it to function.

Using Capillary Hydroponics to grow turfgrass has several benefits:

  • Durable grass: The turfgrass can withstand high foot traffic and intense sports games.
  • Saves water: Water consumption is reduced by up to 85% as compared to soil-grown grass.
  • Low maintenance: Requires significantly less upkeep than soil-grown grass, reducing labor costs and facility downtime.
  • Ensures all-weather performance: Subsurface irrigation and efficient drainage ensure grass remains vibrant in all weather conditions. Capillary Hydroponics grounds drain excess water at a rate of 100 mm an hour – 17-25 times better than soil-grown grass.
  • Ensures player safety: Players experience the traction and safety of natural grass and are protected from the high surface temperature, hardness and abrasiveness of artificial turf.
  • Reduced grass replacement: Sod-on-plastic grasses quickly establish roots thanks to the open growing medium (sand). As a result, it typically requires replacement way less as it is up to 10 times more durable and strong. 

Capillary Hydroponics combines the best features of natural and artificial grass without their respective disadvantages. Given recent concerns surrounding player safety on sports fields, it offers a solution that aligns with the need for improved playing surfaces without sacrificing safety or performance. 

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Source: CapillaryFlow