Atheneum Partners Secures Capital: Strengthens Access To Emerging Markets

Atheneum Partners, an investment research and advisory firm based in Berlin, secured a new round of financing from Captona Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, business angel Michael Brehm and well-established Family Offices.

Atheneum Partners, an investment research and advisory firm focused on Emerging and European Markets, announced today that it secured a new round of financing. The deal was led by Captona Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, with the rest of the capital stemming from business angel Michael Brehm and well-established Family Offices.

Atheneum Partners offers access to an expert forum of more than 60,000 industry specialists to clients for independent consultations. It was the first expert network of its design to be founded in Continental Europe. Managing Director of Captona, Christian Figge, sees today's agreement as the beginning of a powerful partnership: "We were immediately impressed by Atheneum's unmatched access to top experts with niche industry specializations and within key regions beyond Anglo-Saxon Markets. Supported by a strong Management Team and innovative software platform, Atheneum Partners has a secure place at the forefront of this growth market."

Mathias Wengeler, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Atheneum Partners, commented that the new shareholders will provide for further client base expansion and the development of their proprietary knowledge software platform. "We saw a stark gap in the transfer of quality information given that it is imperative to understanding today's complexities. Atheneum bridges this deficiency. We are a dynamic group acting as a strategic ally to clients by identifying investment and growth opportunities, as well as lowering risk in ongoing business deals - all in real time and on a global scale."

With an ever changing and often volatile environment in international markets, several major players in the investment and advisory communities have increased their demand for Atheneum Partners' expert sessions and custom-reports. The firm also offers supplemental services, such as: translations for Emerging Markets, consultation execution, surveys, secondary research and report writing, to meet the rise of cross-border transactions.

Today's capital increase was seen as confirmation that the company is experiencing exponential growth.

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