AtGames® Announces Open & Connected Pinball (OCP) to Support Visual Pinball X (VPX) and Future Pinball (FP) Community Created Tables

AtGames today announced expanding its successful initiative working with Visual Pinball X (VPX) and Future Pinball (FP) community members on supporting both their development efforts and work on the Legends Arcade Platform, including Legends Pinball. VPX and FP are freeware and source available video game engines for pinball tables for creating and preserving pinball through software simulation. The growing number of Legends Arcade Family products running on the shared Legends Arcade Platform support arcade, console, and virtual pinball play and include the Legends Ultimate, Legends Gamer series, Legends Connect, Legends Core, and Legends Pinball. Legends Pinball is the home market's most feature-rich virtual pinball platform at an affordable price.

AtGames successfully completed the pilot project collaborating with well-known VPX community members like ScottyWic, resulting in releasing his popular The Leprechaun King table for the Legends Arcade Platform. ScottyWic and the OrbitalPin Collective have recently confirmed the completion of the upcoming AtGames-sponsored original table, Pizza Time, which will be released for free to both VPX players and owners of Legends Arcade Family products.

In addition to supporting pinball table development, AtGames is also expanding its OCP (Open & Connected Pinball) initiative reaching out to VPX and FB community members to take advantage of the special features found in the upcoming Legends Pinball machine. Legends Pinball sports a large 32 inch 1080p LCD playfield, 15.6 inch 1080p LCD backglass, 8-bit precision Hall-Effect plunger, arcade-quality flippers and nudge buttons, accelerometers, tactile feedback, extensive connectivity and accessories options, Internet connectivity and downloadable apps, global leaderboards, lobby for Party Play and Team Play, and more. OCP will provide ready-to-use software drivers and interfaces and references for additional off-the-shelf hardware. An open engineering guide will help empower VPX/FP users to leverage their PCs for easy plug and play connectivity with their Legends Pinball for dedicated use of its native machines. The OCP outreach will be in multiple stages. AtGames invites community members to join in the process by adding in even more advanced features.

Given the impressively low $599 MSRP of the Legends Pinball, even with the addition of any needed interfaces or boards that are typically needed to fully realize the potential of their projects, estimated savings for VPX/FP community members are at least $300 - $500 versus alternative options. Additional savings will also be realized in time, with AtGames - as with their related efforts in this area - making every effort to make "modding" as straightforward as possible on their platforms.

AtGames is continuing to work closely with key members of the VPX and FP communities and promises more program details in the future. These program details will include all resulting documentation and processes, which will be shared with the VPX and FP communities. Anyone interested in helping with or participating in the AtGames OCP initiative are encouraged to contact the company via its third party developer email address.

Source: AtGames