Atelier Leseine Presents "Ode to Love" - a Charm for Today's Woman

​​​​​​​Atelier Leseine is pleased to present her latest limited edition jewelry piece – Ode to Love. This scintillating love charm is available in your choice of 18K white or pink gold and features an array of sparkling princess cut diamonds and rubies. The Ode to Love charm is made from the most enduring and precious gemstones and metals. The combination of: diamonds, rubies, and gold symbolizes - love, passion, wisdom, and enlightenment. Wear it singly or with other charms. It is a miniature artwork.

The Ode to Love charm is inspired by a classic French love poem by Rosemonde Gérard entitled: L'éternelle Chanson - The Eternal Song, 1890. The laser-etched text “JE T’AIME (I love you) + QU’HIER (more than yesterday) - QUE DEMAIN (less than tomorrow)”, along with the plus, minus, and circular symbols inset with diamonds and rubies, are an elegant, modern interpretation of a classic design.

"Ode to Love embodies not only romantic love, but love in all its facets."

Women in all life-stages will appreciate this timeless symbol of love to mark key occasions: Mother’s Day, anniversaries, a daughter’s wedding, children’s births, milestone birthdays of our best friend, a friend’s survival through trauma, and other memorable life events. Or, if you are a truly modern woman you may want to gift yourself this special Ode to Love charm as a reminder to celebrate each day’s preciousness.

Nathalie Leseine, the Artist/Designer and owner of Atelier Leseine, was born and raised in Paris, France. Nathalie finds design inspiration in the many places she has lived, explored and adored. Her newest creation, the Ode to Love charm, reflects the depth of her passion for life. Her first charm Perle Captive reveals her love for the Tahitian black pearl and its sensuous exoticism. These exquisite love charms can be worn on the custom-designed Le Charmeur bracelet, or as a stylish focal point on a pendant necklace. 

Nathalie opened Atelier Leseine in California with a philosophy of bringing luxurious jewels, with a multi-cultural vibe, into classic and forward-thinking design. Her clients are sophisticated collectors with a cultivated sense of taste. Contact Nathalie Leseine for more information about her newest limited edition love charm Ode to Love.

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About Atelier Leseine

Atelier Leseine designs luxury limited edition and one-of-a kind jewelry pieces. Leseine expresses her love for the many cultures she knows with designs in which classic forms have a contemporary sensibility and careful attention to detail.

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