At-Risk Youth Organization Event "Generation NEXT" Hosted Shar Jackson

Burbank, California will host the first special event from Be Iconic Entertainment, an acclaimed organization working hard to empower disadvantaged youth. Titled Generation NEXT and scheduled for November 15th at the world famous Flappers Club, the event is expected to be a true entertainment breakthrough featuring talented at-risk youth from across the country displaying their amazing talents.

There's no argument that the youth represent the future.  Unfortunately, in many communities the youth hardly have a chance to spread their wings or find the encouragement to explore their artistic, musical or other abilities.  Be Iconic Entertainment  the brainchild of CEO Fallon Moreno, was founded to overcome these hurdles offering youth a place to express their artistic ability as musicians, singers or rappers, dancers, actors and actresses or however else their abilities express themselves.  Recently Be Iconic Entertainment announced it will be holding its first special event Generation NEXT on November 15th, 2015 at Burbank, California's Flappers Club.  The red carpet celebration will feature at-risk youth from across the nation displaying their amazing talents to a crowd full of supportive and enthusiastic members of the community.  For Be Iconic Entertainment, and for many of the children and their families, it's literally a dream come true.

“We're beyond excited about Generation NEXT,”  commented Fallon, about Be Iconic Entertainment's scheduled event in Burbank.  “We can't underestimate how much value this delivers to the kids performing.  They are already being empowered by the process of preparing for it, and once they get to perform it's going to be something very special.”

Fallon continued, “By showing up, you get to be a real part of showing these wonderful kids how amazing their work is and how much we believe in them.  Let's do everything we can do get kids to enjoy doing the right thing, rather than falling into the trap of the wrong things.”

Shar Jackson well-known for her role as Niecy in Moesha will serve as host to the excitement of the local community.  The actress, singer and rapper has also appeared in Good Burger, The Ex-Wives Club, I Do… I Did, and a selection of other movies and brings an element of professionalism they the kids and crowd are sure to enjoy.

Tickets are $15 for the event, with all profits going towards funding Be Iconic Entertainment's other youth at-risk events in the future and their very well respected mentoring program and workshops which are always delivered to kids for free.

Flappers Comedy Club are happy to serve wonderful drinks and delicious food making the event a great night out for all.


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Organization Designed to Provide resource and empower Talented At-Risk Youth to accomplish their Dreams in the Entertainment Industry

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